Summer ’22 Release Notes



We're excited to announce our Summer 2022 release which includes industry defining features to power the day to day activities of our accounting and finance users. In putting together this release we focused on 3 important objectives:

  1. Expanding the type and number of blockchains, exchanges, custodians and defi protocols we support
  2. Improving the user experience across various functions within the platform
  3. Delivering enterprise grade capabilities to power our high volume, finance function enterprise users

Below are the details of our summer release

Cross Platform

  • New and Improved UI across the Platform


  • New and Improved Wallet Dashboards
  • Wallet Grouping Capability


  • Advanced Imports: Importing Trades, Metadata, Grouping Transactions
  • Advanced Rules: Multi Token Rules Categorizations
  • Advanced Transaction Processing: Custom Aggregations and Processing


  • Advanced Pricing Engine: (different pricing source by coin, by time), (pricing fall backs to different sources)
  • Pricing Direct from Binance Exchange
  • Pricing Direct from Coinbase Exchange
  • Pricing History
  • Pricing API: Obtain Pricing from Various Source

ERP Integrations

  • QBO/Bitwave: AR/AP Integration
  • Netsuite/Bitwave: AR/AP Integration
  • Netsuite/Bitwave Custom Fields Integration

Accounting and Tax

  • Impairment
  • Gain and Loss Detailed Reporting Extracts


  • Datawarehouse Based Advanced Balance Reporting
  • Datawarehouse Based Register UI

Bitwave Ops

  • Automated Bulk Payments on Polygon and Ethereum

Data Source Integrations

New and Updated Exchanges

  • PrimeTrust
  • Coinbase Prime
  • SFox
  • Nydig
  • Anchorage
  • FTX Sub Accounts

New and Updated Blockchains

  • AVAX
  • BSC
  • CELO
  • Polygon
  • Mina
  • HECO
  • Solana
  • Terra
  • Filecoin
  • Klaytn

New and Updated Defi Protocols

  • Aave
  • CRV
  • Pangolin
  • Sushi
  • Trader Joe
  • Wonderland


  • 0x
  • Aave
  • Balancer
  • Basis
  • Compound
  • CRV
  • DODO
  • Harvest
  • Idle
  • Integral
  • mStable
  • 1Inch
  • Opyn
  • Pickle
  • Rari
  • Sushi
  • Uniswap
  • Vesper
  • Yearn
  • Maker


  • CRV
  • AAVE


Coming Soon..

*We look forward to your insights and feedback as you use these features. Also stay tuned for new features coming soon in our fall release.

What’s Next