Change Log

Updated Jan 3, 2023

Jan 3
New Features:
Inventory Views:
“Inventory View” was born out of Bitwave’s engagement with clients involved in some of the most complex and high volume digital asset use cases in which we consistently observed the need to “view” digital asset outcomes from multiple different lenses.

Users can now, at a glance, access important balance, lot, and roll-forward information for their digital asset inventory (e.g. cost basis acquired, cost basis disposed, impairment, carrying value, FMV, unrealized G/L, and more…) through an “Inventory View”. Users will also notice right away that all of the data tables are highly responsive and performant which will be a breath of fresh air for our users ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of transactions a year.

The real beauty of inventory views comes from the fact that, with the advanced account module, you can create and save multiple views. Does your organizations need to use different inventory treatments for Tax and Accounting? Just setup multiple inventory views, and you’ll find maintaining bifurcated books an absolute breeze! These capabilities are complimented by a series of new reports we’re building, starting with an industry first “Quantity and Cost Basis Roll Forward” report.

Inventory View:
A projection of a digital asset inventory given a variety of treatment options including inventory relief strategy, impairment rules, and capitalization vs expense settings. As an example, a single view an represent the various treatment options required for GAAP, while another view represent treatment options required for non-GAAP and so on.
Dashboard Tab:
Provides a summary of important inventory information, such as cost basis acquired and disposed, carrying value, FMV, and unrealized gain and loss as of a specific date.
Actions Tab:
Provides detailed information pertaining to specific actions performed on digital assets including disposal, acquisition, impairment and other actions filterable by asset and as of a specific date.
Lots Tab:
Provides comprehensive information on each individual lot in your digital asset inventory. It provides full historical information on the actions affecting each lot including lot identification, acquisition, disposal, impairment, and amount data filterable by asset and as of a specific date.
Reports Tab:
A list of reports, including the “Cost Basis Roll Forward Report” with more reports to come.
Updates Tab:
Provides detailed information of the status of when the inventory view was last updated.
Settings Tab:
Shows the selected treatment options of the inventory view and provides the capability to permanently DELETE a view.

DEC 21
New Features:

  • Support for Coinbase Retail

New Features:
Report CSV Exports

  • Balance Report
  • Journal Entry Report
  • Rolled-up Journal Entry Report

Removal of "Watch Wallet" from "Wallet Creation" screen.

  • Users can now add BTC, ETH, EOS and DASH directly through main wallet creation screen!

New Features:

  • Support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Blockchain!
    -- Transactions and Balances for XPUB and Simple Address are both supported.

  • Support for Polygon Staking Rewards for Validator-Signer block rewards.
    -- Users can now plug-in Validator-Signer addresses into Bitwave, using the "Polygon Blockchain" wallet creation screen, and Bitwave will automatically pickup rewards earned by validating blocks on the Polygon PoS blockchain.

NOV 16
New Features:

  • Added CLASSES to QBO
  • Added Import Template to the Import UI
  • IMX support for Marketplaces
  • Import tool can now support categorizations

In Beta-test:

  • New Transaction UI
    -- REFRESHED Transactions UI
    -- FASTER load times - up to 30% faster!
    -- VIEW up to 250 transactions
    -- QUICK filters: Needs Categorization, To Be Reconciled, All

Other Updates

  • Removed New FTX Exchange Connections
  • Removed New Coinbase Custody Exchange Connections

Bugs Squashed

OCT 14
New Features:

  • Added "Run Rules"
    -- Users can now manually run a rules on-demand at any time, without having to wait for the system to automatically run the rule.
    -- The feature can be accessed by going to the "Rules" tab and via the "Actions" dropdown.

New Features:

  • Added Automatic Spam NFT Transaction Filter
    -- An under-the-hood update that automatically filters out incoming Ethereum-based spam NFT transactions.
    -- The update save users significant time as they will longer need to manually delete these transactions from Bitwave.
    -- Effective October 1, 2022 our proprietary algorithm will automatically filter inbound spam NFTs but will not retroactively remove existing spam NFTs before this date.
    -- The update will not filter out contract interactions with spam NFTs, all contract interactions will still appear in Bitwave with their respective gas-fees.
    -- No action is required from users as this update will apply to all new and existing users effective immediately.

  • Added "Pricing" capability
    -- The Pricing feature enables users to view, audit, and troubleshoot historical asset pricing on Bitwave.
    -- An asset price is generated whenever reports are run, when the wallet or dashboard page is opened, or other times when pricing is needed.

  • Added "Register" capability under "Transactions" menu
    -- Register enables users to view granular changes in balances for every transaction executed.
    -- Users can filter for a specific coin and see the whole journey as inflows and outflows are affecting the balance.

  • Added Bitwave operational status directly on web application and

  • Wallets can now be filtered out of Balance reports.

Bugs Squashed:

  • Bittrex balance sync
  • Bitcoin blockchain sync
  • Floating point rounding bug when splitting transactions