Winter 22' Release Notes

We're excited to announce our Winter 2022 release which includes industry defining features to power the day to day activities of our accounting and finance users. In putting together this release we focused on 3 major areas:

  1. Use Cases: Advanced Accounting
  2. Focus on Users: Improvements to UI/UX
  3. Focus on Users: Quality and Under-the-Hood Performance Upgrades

See the details of our release below!

Inventory Views
“Inventory View” was born out of Bitwave’s engagement with clients involved in some of the most complex and high volume digital asset use cases in which we consistently observed the need to “view” digital asset outcomes from multiple different lenses.

Users can now, at a glance, access important balance, lot, and roll-forward information for their digital asset inventory (e.g. cost basis acquired, cost basis disposed, impairment, carrying value, FMV, unrealized G/L, and more…) through an “Inventory View”. Users will also notice right away that all of the data tables are highly responsive and performant which will be a breath of fresh air for our users ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of transactions a year.

The real beauty of inventory views comes from the fact that, with the advanced account module, you can create and save multiple views. Does your organizations need to use different inventory treatments for Tax and Accounting? Just setup multiple inventory views, and you’ll find maintaining bifurcated books an absolute breeze! These capabilities are complimented by a series of new reports we’re building, starting with an industry first “Quantity and Cost Basis Roll Forward” report.

Bitwave OPs (operations) V2

  • Ability to send bulk payments via Ethereum and Polygon
  • Automatic Categorization
  • Ability to segregate payment roles & responsibilities (eg. approval and payment)

Advanced DeFi Categorization

  • Creation of the DeFi wallet
  • Ability to categorize any type of DeFi protocol transaction

New Transaction UI

  • New Transaction UI
    -- REFRESHED Transactions UI
    -- FASTER load times - up to 30% faster!
    -- VIEW up to 250 transactions
    -- QUICK filters: Needs Categorization, To Be Reconciled, All

Blockchains & Integrations

  • Aptos
  • Solana Rollups Enhacements
  • ImmutableX Marketplaces & Standard Wallets
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • NyDig Enhacements
  • Anchorage Enhacemens

Partner Marketplace
We are excited to announce the launch of Bitwave Marketplace, a new feature for users to learn more about Bitwave’s robust partner ecosystems, including blockchains, exchanges, custodians, and more!

To access Bitwave Marketplace, simply navigate to the tab labeled ‘Marketplace’ on the Bitwave dashboard. From there, users can see partner names, logos, a brief description, their category, and a "learn more" function that takes the user to the partner's website.

In the long term, we plan to add more features to the marketplace, such as user reviews and preferred pricing for partner services.