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How Does Bitwave handle stETH?

What is a Liquid Staked Derivative (LSD) token. Go to Lido, Marinade, Rocket Pool etc. They will take the assets you have and stake them with a bunch of others in return they will give you a receipt token, which often has a liquid market. You stake ETH into Lido. you get stETH and the stETH you can redeploy in DeFi on other protocols. stETH is interesting because it is a rebase token. Rebase tokens increase their balance in your wallet on a particular cadence, but do not produce a transaction on chain. A monthly report of rebasing rewards can be obtained from Lido (<>) Your token balance will change over time but there won’t be an on chain representation of that. This means we need to manually account for it in Bitwave. E.g. LIDO - stETH, Olympus - OHM

How Does Bitwave Handle Trades?

![]( "Untitled.png")

What is the Date Format for Manual Import?

The proper time format for the **time** column in the Bitwave Standard manual import is ISO 8601. - example of time: 2021-03-09 01:39:42 UTC - [Time Zone Converter](

What does "Mark as Reconciled" do?

Marking a transaction as reconciled **does NOT** push the transaction into your ERP or general ledger system. ![]( "Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 11.32.59 PM.png") **To push reconciled transactions into your ERP system:** 1. Go to the "Accounting Menu" and select "Reconcile" 2. Select which transactions to push to the ERP by clicking the checkbox (multiple transactions can be checked) 3. Click "Reconcile Selected Transactions" to push the transactions to the ERP or General Ledger system. ![]( "Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 11.58.49 AM.png")

NetSuite Bitwave documentation steps skipped 10 - 12

![]( It jumps from step 9 in setting up the integration to step 13 in user setup. Can you please clarify what the steps 10 - 12 are. Thanks.

How can I keep myself logged in for a persistent session?

I log in with Google, go through the standard login flow to authenticate, and then work within the app for an hour or two. I'll leave to go work on something else, and within an hour if i revisit the tab I am required to login again. It would appear that the browser is lacking a persistent cookie or is somehow clearing that cookie rather quickly. Given the low risk of a persistent session for a bunch of data that is largely already available publicly on chain and no actions can be taken to move crypto from within Bitwave, expected behavior would be to log in once on my browser and have a persistent session for weeks or months. I am on Arc Browser on MacOS.

Transaction UI V2 - Feedback

Thank you for beta testing our new Transaction UI, please share any feedback you have with us below! NEW UI BENEFITS: - REFRESHED Transactions UI - FASTER load times - up to 30% faster! - VIEW up to 250 transactions - QUICK filters: Needs Categorization, To Be Reconciled, All

Inventory Views Beta - Feedback Thread

Please post feedback, questions, issues and comments here

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