Customer Data APIs


Bitwave supports a robust ingestion of customer data from custom applications such as exchanges and more. This capability accomplishes two goals - first, collecting customer data for cost basis and gain / loss reporting, and second, collecting commission information for on the books revenue and tax recognition purposes.

0Generate API KeyFollow the steps outlined in the API Reference to create an API
1Submit Customer TransactionsThere are two types of transactions you can submit from customer standpoint - a trade or a transfer. A transfer implies the movement of coins or fiat into or out of your exchange, and includes any fee information as part of that transaction.

A trade is the exchange of digital assets from one individual to another, or from your exchange to a customer.
2Fill in cost basis dataIn order to generate gain / loss report data, we need to understand the full cost basis history for a customer. In the case where a customer moved assets onto your platform, we need to capture that data
3Generate reportsThe final step on a yearly basis is to generate a customer report. We do this at a particular point in time so that all data is captured.

Customer Data APIs


Retrieves relevant information regarding transaction based off of a transaction ID

Fetches information about the transaction as well as the customer(s) involved
Gain/Loss Report

Executes the Gain/Loss Report and returns a copy of the report

Returns all the reports for that customer