Add Gemini API

Step 1: Generate Your Keys
Step 2: Save Your Keys
Step 3: Link Your Keys to Bitwave
Step 4: Success!

Step 1: Generate Your Keys

  1. Open the Gemini API Settings Page
  2. Select Primary as scope
  3. Click the Create a New API Key button
  4. If applicable, enter your two-factor authentication code

Step 2: Save Your Keys

  1. Copy the API Key and API Secret
  2. Under the API Key Settings, disable Trading and enable Auditor

Step 3: Link Your Keys to Bitwave

  1. Sign into your Bitwave account and click on the Wallets & Connections
  2. Navigate to Connections under "Wallets & Connections” or click here
  3. Click the Connect New Account button on top-left
  4. Select Gemini
  5. Fill in the following to Bitwave:
    a. API Key
    b. API Secret
    c. Exchange Contact
    i. This is usually a contact from your ERP software
    ii. If you aren't using an ERP integration, you can create one in Company > Contacts > Create Contact
    1. You must use distinct values for Remote ID

Step 4: Success!

Be sure to click on the Sync button and our system will begin to sync over your transaction history. This can take up-to 24 hours.