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Bitwave is the #1 Digital Asset Finance Platform For Enterprises. Bitwave combines audit-proven tax and accounting automation software with workflow and process expertise.

Our Story

The accounting world is faced with an unprecedented challenge.

Traditional enterprise companies and crypto-native startups are both learning the regulatory nuances and accounting complexities of a new class of assets.

Digital assets, like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, are an exciting revolution in the global ecosystem. But accounting for them on your financial books can be daunting – or even impossible – with current ERP solutions.

Our Mission

Bitwave bridges this gap between blockchain-based technology systems and the traditional finance world.

Our mission is to transform unmanaged risk into a strategic business advantage for enterprise companies and allow them to seize the opportunities created by digital asset adoption.

Founded in 2018 by technology veteran entrepreneurs Pat White and Amy Kalnoki, today Bitwave is the #1 enterprise platform for digital assets.

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