Q: How do I request that a new token be priced in Bitwave?

🅰️: In order to request pricing for a new token, obtain the following information and submit it either as a request to your Customer Success Owner or email us at [email protected]:

  • Org ID:
  • Org Name:
  • Bitwave Token Ticker (required field):
  • Blockchain (required field):
  • Token Contract address (type n if none):
  • Coingecko Link or API ID (type n if none):

Where to locate the Org ID and Org Name:

Step 1: Navigate to Administration > Organization

Step 2: Copy the Org Name and double click the greyed out box for the OrgID.

Where to locate the Bitwave Token Ticker:

Step 3: Navigate to Transactions > All Transactions

Step 4: Copy the appropriate Ticker.

Where to locate the Blockchain, Token Contract address, and Coingecko Link or API ID:

Step 5: Navigate to

Step 6: Search for the token using the search bar. Ensure you are selecting the correct token as there could be multiple options with the same ticker.

Step 7: Scroll to the middle of the web page and locate the section titled "Info."

Step 8: Copy the fields noted in the screenshot below.


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Send us your questions! We're happy to help!

Send us your questions! We're happy to help!