Here's a guide on adding users, setting up roles, and revoking
access in Bitwave.

Defining the User Roles:

  1. Admin:

    1. Menu Detail: All menus, including admin and security
  2. Advanced User:

    1. Menu Detail: Home, Wallets, DeFi, Transactions,. Trading, Accounting, Customers, Vendors, Taxes, Reports, Company, Tools, Admin
  3. Standard User:

    1. Menu Detail: Home, Wallets, DeFi, Transactions, Trading, Accounting, Customers, Vendors, Company, Tools.
  4. Read-Only:

    1. Menu Detail: Home, Wallets, Taxes, Reports, Pricing
    2. Note: This role does not have ability to modify transactions.
  1. Click "Security".

  2. Click ADD USER.

  3. Add user name.

  4. Add user Email.

  5. Click to assign the required role.

  6. Select the role that you find appropriate.

  7. Click "Save".

  1. To revoke a user's access, click here.

  2. Click "REVOKE".

Advanced RBAC (Roles Based Access Controls):

  • Under the Bitwave Enterprise Edition users also have the capability to create and provision custom roles with bespoke permissions (read, write) and access to different menu items.