Q: How to find missing transactions?


1. To start finding missing transactions, two files are needed:

  • Bitwave Transactions Export

    1. You can find this go by going to Bitwave -> Transactions -> Export -> Set your parameters and click Export
  • Transactions Export from blockchain explorer (i.e. Etherscan, Solscan, Snowtrace)

    1. Double check to get all files from the explorer. Some explorers will have Deposits and Withdrawals separate from Internal Transfers. Also if you are including Layer 2 tokens then download that file too.


If Explorer doesn't have downloadable reports then use TableCapture OR another extension that requires more technical skill is WebScraper

2. Steps to find missing transactions

  • Paste both files in different tabs in the same sheet.
  • Use a VLOOKUP on the transaction hash in the blockchain export with respect to the transaction ID column in the Bitwave Export.
  • Now use a filter for all the results that contain N/A
  • These are the txns which are not in Bitwave.

Q: Whats the difference between deleting transactions in the UI and using system jobs:

🅰️: When a user deletes a wallet without deleting the transactions via the system jobs, then there is a possibility of having the wallet removed but that transactions remain. This makes it difficult to locate these transactions to remove. Also, deleting the transactions from the UI(not using the system jobs) can delete the internal transfer as a whole which will ultimately affect the other wallet that was involved in this internal transfer transaction.


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Send us your questions! We're happy to help!