Journal Entry Reports

Journal Entry Report: This report provides the detailed transaction by transaction view of the rolled up journal entry report. It can be exported to a CSV file.

*The Report Total for Debit and Credit at the bottom of the report is the net asset change to Digital Assets only.

Journal Entry Report (Expanded): This report provides an expanded detailed transaction by transaction CSV download that can be saved and accessed on a future date.

To run this report select a Start Date, End Date and Connection from a Manual chart of accounts or from an accounting software connection.

Rolled Up Journal Entry Report: This report provides an aggregated view of all the journal entries for the period. It can be aggregated by category and contact.

  1. Run the Rolled Up Journal Entry Report
  1. Select the corresponding time period as the Gain/Loss report, grouping is optional, and choose the appropriate Accounting Connection (your ERP system).

Transfer the Report Total values to the Period End Close Template in rows 2 and 3.