Add Coinbase Retail API

Step 1: Generate Your Keys
Step 2: Configure the API Settings
Step 3: Link Your Keys to Bitwave
Step 4: Success!

Step 1: Generate Your Keys

  1. Sign into your Coinbase Retail account and click on Profile > Settings button
  2. Click on the API tab
  3. Click on New API Key
1914 1942 1568

Step 2: Configure the API Settings

  1. Select ALL Wallets. Coinbase REQUIRES that ALL Wallets are selected, do NOT select wallets individually.
  1. Tick all the allowable actions below:
  • wallet:accounts:read
  • wallet:contacts:read
  • wallet:deposits:read
  • wallet:supported-assets:read
  • wallet:trades:read
  • wallet:user:read
  • wallet:addresses:read
  • wallet:buys:read
  • wallet:checkouts:read
  • wallet:notifications:read
  • wallet:orders:read
  • wallet:payment-methods:read
  • wallet:sells:read
  • wallet:transactions:read
  • wallet:withdrawals:read

Bitwave needs these permissions to function properly. Make sure that ALL read permissions are checked.

This is just a precautionary measure. Bitwave cannot and will never be able to withdraw or access your funds on any exchange.

  1. Click the Create button
  2. Your API and Private Key will be displayed

Step 3: Link Your Keys to Bitwave

  1. Sign into your Bitwave account and click on the Wallets & Connections Tab
  2. Navigate to Connections within Wallets & Connections
  3. Click the Connect New Account button on top-left
  4. Select Coinbase Retail
  5. Fill in the following to Bitwave:
    a. API Key
    b. Private Key
    c. Exchange Contact
    i. This is usually a contact from your ERP software
    ii. If you aren't using an ERP integration, you can create one in Company > Contacts > Create Contact
    iii. You must use distinct values for Remote ID

Step 4: Success!

Be sure to click on the Sync button and our system will begin to sync over your transaction history. This can take up-to 24 hours.

Bitwave can hide unused Coinbase wallets after they have been loaded in. If this is something you would be interested in then simply inform your Bitwave representative with a list of the wallets to be hidden.