Setup & Configuration

1Complete your Config & Setup and Wallets & Accounts tabs (in this document)
2Review Config/Setup and Wallets/Accounts information on kickoff call
3Login to Bitwave
4AConnect General Ledger Software
4BCreate Manual Categories & Contacts in Bitwave
(optional-- only required if not connecting to a general ledger system)
5Set Accounting Defaults for Gas Fees, AP, & AR
6Add Wallets - 1 on the call
7Add Exchange and/or Custodial Accounts

Create Manual Wallets

(optional-- only required for non-integrated data sources)

9Import Data into Manual Wallets
10Set Beginning Balances
11Check Wallet/Account Balances
12Set Up Inventory Views


1Viewing Transactions
2Transaction Screen operations
3Individual transaction categorization
4Check Pricing Data
5Set Up Categorization Rules
6Set Up Contact-based Categorization Defaults (including "in-line" categorization)
7Bulk Categorization
8System Jobs

Journal Entries & Gain/Loss

1Push transactions (JE's) to General Ledger
2Manually record journal entry totals
(Optional-- this is an alternative method of recording activity in the GL instead of pushing transactions directly. Recommended for high volume organizations)
3Record Impairment and Mark-to-Market Adjustments
4Record Realized Gain/Loss

Reports and Period-End Close

1Cost Basis Summary (from Inventory Views)
2Cost Basis Rollforward (including Gain/Loss totals)
3Actions Report (from Inventory Views)
4Balance Report
5Journal Entry Reports
6Period-End Checklist
7Period-End Reconciliation